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So, you're thinking of fitting up your beloved Aircooled VW with full Air Suspension? We don't blame you! Air suspension (commonly referred to as 'Air Ride' or 'Air Bag' suspension) Has become the Number 1 way to obtain the most satisfying results when building or upgrading your dream super-low Aircooled project.  'Static' (meaning non instantly-adjustable suspension types) style suspension will always have its place in amongst our community, as to be frank, air suspension isn't needed for a large portion of modified builds.examples like: That nose-down classic Cal-Look stance, hard and wide performance driven German-Look stance, moderate lowering to improve handling...

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Recently we had back in one of our favourite ever crazy showcar builds - James Rudland’s ‘Outlaw’ 356A Porsche (T1 based chassis).  This car we had already given some light EvaResto treatment to back in 2020, with the addition of one of our entry-level AirSistive kits… But James decided it was time to step up the level a little, and give this car one of our narrowed beams, and complete independent Air Ride package. Gaining now full pan-laying lows, and the best possible lift and drive quality - the ‘look’ of this one-off car is just that bit more impactful! Our...

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