Aircooled Air Suspension, why choose EvaResto?

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Aircooled Air Suspension, why choose EvaResto?

So, you're thinking of fitting up your beloved Aircooled VW with full Air Suspension?

We don't blame you! Air suspension (commonly referred to as 'Air Ride' or 'Air Bag' suspension) Has become the Number 1 way to obtain the most satisfying results when building or upgrading your dream super-low Aircooled project. 

'Static' (meaning non instantly-adjustable suspension types) style suspension will always have its place in amongst our community, as to be frank, air suspension isn't needed for a large portion of modified builds.
examples like: That nose-down classic Cal-Look stance, hard and wide performance driven German-Look stance, moderate lowering to improve handling and overall aesthetics... And then there's just those guys and girls who love scraping absolutely everything - Never surrender to practicality! All valid reasons for not choosing air suspension for your car. 

But, for those who want it all... The killer jaw-dropping lows, practicality to drive where and whenever you want, the pure novelty of being able to adjust ride height whenever you want and of course the more modern feel, ride quality and roadholding that our kits deliver - Air suspension is the way to go!

So if Air Suspension is something you desire, we at EvaResto can be of help. In a world of many options and of course conflicting opinions (ever asked a simple car related question on an Aircooled VW Facebook page? You'll know what I mean!) here's our reasons for why you should choose EvaResto for your Aircooled Air Ride needs!

Some lead, others follow
Modern style Aircooled air suspension? We did it first!
In 2018 we shifted our efforts from restoration and repair services, to design and fabrication of suspension and custom parts. For the years previous, we had fitted and dealt with various air suspension parts and kits on vehicles we built. None of them delivered impressive results, and instead cost time, effort and head scratching to make work anything like right. At a time, Cheap style air shocks up front and massively oversized truck style bags in the rear, and kits that sometimes needed body removal in order to weld in place were the norm! I personally used to think of Air Ride as 'just a bit rubbish' until I witnessed how effortlessly and well it worked on my friends' modern vehicles, with properly designed kits fitted!

Seeing an obvious gap in the market for something with a premium feel, and with some idea of what it could look like - we went for it, and designed the first ever T1 air suspension kits with 'Proper' grade air shocks for the front, and a clever bolt-on kit for the rear that delivered results unlike anything available before - without the need to disassemble half the car to install it.

Our front System with its proper capacity air shocks revolutionised the game, as no longer were cheap, unreliable and borderline dangerous cheap style air shocks the only option. Our shocks lift at 30-40 psi and never struggle under any circumstance. We've since tweaked the design of these shocks 3 times over, and settled on the Zenith shock, our own budget-friendly design and fabrication. A Sport adjustable-damping variant is also available - developed alongside UK based suspension experts SPAX performance.

The rear kit is a similar story. Correctly sized bags and their positioning give simply the best lift and drop possible for the T1 platform - without the need for any adjustments or range setting.

Since our kits were released - others have copied with similar looking shocks (sometimes referred to incorrectly as 'struts') and kits that claim to offer what ours achieves easily!

This one is pretty obvious - but something we care a lot about. We're a small team of 3, With years of professional fabrication, welding and classic VW spannering, owning and driving behind us. As such, we know what works, what doesn't, and what's needed for reliability and longevity. We don't let anything leave the shop that we wouldn't fit to our own cars - that's a promise.

No Bullshit, just correct and well thought out engineering 
Exactly as it says - no bullshit and clever sounding words in an attempt to baffle and sound superior - we engineer things in the best way possible, simplified. The most reliable and dependable designs in real life are the ones that are kept simple - without added fuss, pointless design features or over-engineering.

Over-engineering essentially makes for more components to wear and/or go wrong over time, it is not a good thing! Correct engineering is working around adding extra links/bearings and joints - and designing something that works better, without them. 
This way of working goes into all the suspension kits we design. Fit an EvaResto kit, and you'll be happy that you're not needlessly adding extra wear/service parts to your car that may require tricky replacement down the line.
All components of our suspension kits are available as spares however, should something ever need replacement.

Unbeatable performance
As well as wearing less parts, our kits due to their design also consume the smallest amount of air needed to operate. Lifting from the lowest possible pressures (around 30psi in the front and rear), and giving a large usability range and lift height - the stresses on the other suspension parts on your car and of course the air bags themselves are kept to an absolute minimum.

Keeping the weight and stresses of your suspension where it should be means two main things: The best possible and most dynamic ride quality and handling, and then the least possible wear to parts like wheel bearings, axle tubes and axles, and suspension bushes. Extra drag/weight on parts is exactly that, and effects suspension performance in a big way!

Delivering the best - just ask our customers
We fit and set-up more Aircooled Vw Air Suspension setups than any other company in the UK. Some customers have been to us more than once, to treat another car in their ownership to the full EvaResto treatment! Our kits perform like you'd expect, and can make your car a whole lot more enjoyable. 

We also ship kits worldwide for customers to self-fit. Over 200 of our front and rear current-generation suspension kits have been sold so far, with our kits proving most popular in the USA than anywhere else in 2023. 

Fitted by ourselves, trusted by the professionals 
We're not just a fab shop. We fit these kits day in - day out. We know the ins and outs of getting them fitted up and right. Have an issue with fitting? We offer great aftercare and advice, alongside our full install guides supplied with every kit.

If fitting isn't your thing, and you fancy a complete drive in and drive out package? Contact us for pricing and availability. 

We also have a large amount of traders who fit, trust and recommend our kits to their customers.
Side note: We're always happy to work with and assist VW traders. Looking to fit EvaResto parts for your customers or on your own builds? Get in contact for traders discounts. We aim to offer the best support for fellow VW traders!

Bolt on, we mean it
Got a really really nice car? Don't like the idea of having to cut or modify it in any way? Neither do we... So rest easy with our fully Bolt-On Air suspension kits.
We really do mean bolt-on with our kits, and there's no way to ever tell one of our kits was ever fitted if you ever decide to revert to stock, so as long as you avoid drilling holes in things for air lines/fixings (our 'floater' mount is great for this, with pre-drilled holes allowing you to pass air lines from under the bonnet area to under fuel tank) then there is no reason why you'd ever need to drill anything!


So, yes, we do try our best with the kits we make. We love installing and driving on them. And we hope you will too. 

There's lots of options out there - make sure you choose the one that'll deliver exactly what you want. If you've any questions about our kits at all, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. 

Many thanks 

Max @ EvaResto