T1 Beetle/Ghia Adjustable Steering Lock Stop + Clamp

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EvaResto Designed VW T1 Bug/Ghia and Type 3 (with T1 Conversion) Bolt On Steering box clamp, with integral Adjustable Steering Lock Stop.

A new concept from us, this product solves two individual problems associated with modified T1 front suspension/steering.

First and foremost, the steering lock stop. Adjustable, allowing you to 'dial in' your preferred steering angle in both directions. By doing so, you can prevent tyres/wheels scrubbing on the inner wing or suspension components. No more horrible grinding noises when over-steering, or scrubbing the paint off of your inner wings or front suspension arms! 

And secondly, the wider & stiffer design of the clamp helps to greatly solidify the mounting of the steering box. Eliminating any 'rock' of the steering box under heavy steering, and greatly reducing the likelihood of the steering box ever moving under shock load. The more 'complete' shape of the clamp hugs the beam tube tightly and will never require welding in place. 

Works on Left and Right hand drive, factory style or aftermarket beams, with all types of '59 onwards steering boxes. May interfere with existing steering stop brackets fitted (oe style). Does not fit 1302/3 Super beetle. 

Fitting Guide Available here:

EvaResto T1 Adjustable Steering Stop Install Guide – EvaResto Online Store

Comes complete with cap-headed fixings, and is available in raw or Powdercoated Satin Black.