EvaResto T1 Adjustable Steering Stop Install Guide



Thank you for purchasing our Bolt On Steering Stop kit. This part works on Left and Right Hand Drive T1 based vehicles from 1958-, or earlier cars, with later style steering boxes fitted.

This product is primarily designed to fit our own line of products, and thus will fit as fully bolt-on and fuss free. However due to the nature of the vast aftermarket classic VW parts market, we cannot guarantee a perfect installation for everybody's setup!


Parts supplied:

Pair of shock relocator assemblies, consisting of:

  • Steering stop + Steering Box clamp (Raw/Powdercoated)
  • 2x M10x35 Cap Headed bolts
  • 2x M10 Washers
  • 2x M8 Bolts 
  • 2x M8 Plain nuts


Get yourself and the car ready for the job.
Ensure vehicle is safely lifted and supported, using safe and correctly graded equipment. Access to underneath the front beam is necessary.

Car Preparation

Align your steering straight, and remove your original steering box clamp. Take care to not move steering box from its resting place, if your alignment is already set properly.


 Pictured here is the new item with the part it replaces fully.

Step 1

Offer the new steering box clamp up into position. 

This can be awkward, so we recommend going in from behind the steering box, and 'hooking' the long side of the bracket over the steering pitman arm. 

Step 2

Then, with this loosely in position, prepare the supplied M10 Bolts with the application of High Strentgh loctite/thread locker. 

Step 3

Fit these bolts into position loosely by hand, with the help of a mid-size socket extention and correct internal hex/allen head bit/tool.

Step 4

With these bolts in place and finger tight, ensure proper positioning of the steering box. The box must be centralised, and in-line with the steering column, with as litttle 'twist' as possible present in the rubber coupling. 

Tighten these bolts down with a ratchet equally, then finish with a Torque Wrench. Apply 22 ft.ibs, factory spec.

The bracket is now fully in place.

Step 5

Now, the M8 Stopper bolts can be installed. Fit them like this, around half way:

Step 6


Set the vehicle back at drive height. Adjustment of the bolts is done bit-by-bit and requires patience! Turn your wheels all the way one way, check for clearance and adjust the corresponding bolt+nut. You don't want to unnecessarily loose steering angle, so make sure you're not going to rub, but the wheels go as far as possible without contacting anything. 
If fitting on an air suspension car, also check for clearance on the shock absorbers at full lock. Sometimes the track/tie rods can contact the shocks. Dial this out with the lock stop adjustment!
Once set, and you're happy with a rub free steering lock, tighten the m8 nuts in place. 
And you're all good to go.

It is wise to keep an eye on all new suspension parts after fitting. We recommend taking a look at this product after your first drive, and then after covering 100 miles. Ensure nothing has moved, come loose or changed in any way. After this, no maintenance is required!

Thanks for Purchasing an EvaResto kit. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.