Our Killer Mexi Bug Build… This time, we went a little further!

Our Killer Mexi Bug Build… This time, we went a little further!

Welcome website visitors to our latest shop build. 

Our 2003MY Beetle, super late, super low, fast and refined.

Another Mexican beetle? Yes, granted... We do seem to have a bit of a problem with building super late-model cars! But this one we went just a little 'extra' than the usual light resto, wheels and air ride that’s been our go-to in the past.

Built to show exactly what we like and what we're about, this car is designed to wow, and deliver! No trailer-dwelling rolling ornament here, this is a real car, With performance taken care of with the very best of our suspension gear, and a monster of an Engine & Gearbox setup!

Engine and Gearbox wise, it’s a high spec 2276cc unit, lots of internal goodies, Dellorto 48 carbs, amazing exhaust by Jacques fab, and cooling by a CSP carbon fibre Porsche style fan setup, coupled with extra air intakes mounted in the rear quarter windows. 
It’s good for 7.5k rpm, and makes in the region of 180hp. It’s a fast car on the street and thanks to a gearbox with super long 4th gear, final drive, superdiff and Chromoly axles, it’s awesome fun and eats up motorway miles like nothing! 

If you’d like to see a video of us taking this car Drag Racing, see here:

 It certainly launches hard!

Aside from the power side of things, this car has a lot going on under the relatively stock looking body...

To allow us to fit the biggest and widest wheels possible, both the rear and front were fully tubbed out, giving way more room for the wheel to travel upwards in the back, and to turn more in the front. (You can just about see the rear tubs here, along with the raised boot floor, and flat floorpan sections!)

From the outside, the rear tubs! Also showing here our custom body mount panels. These tie into the rollcage mountings, keeping everything stiff and strong.

(Shown here the front tubs, along with the exposed front suspension before the closing panel and fuel tank went in!)

As well as this, we also raised the front and rear suspension, by way of a frame head raise up front, 2” Engine & Gearbox raise, and of course our full Air Suspension works, with SPAX adjustable damping! 
I could probably talk about this car all day… but I’ll save you the essay! And just dump a load of pictures instead :). Enjoy! 

Special thanks on this project go to some great people who’s help we couldn’t be without, when building anything like this! 
As follows:

G.E Motorbodys - For the awesome body & paint work

JacquesFab - Incredible Exhaust fabrication, and engine breather system.

Aircooled Auto Elec/Iain Burns - For the complete wiring job, with brilliant modern blade style fuse box.

Ed Aldridge Automotive Tailoring - For the complete interior, from carpets to headliner. Epic job!

So, Why did we build this car? To enjoy of course! 
So, everywhere it’s been this year, it’s been driven there and enjoyed. Aside from some small niggles, it’s been incredibly reliable and trouble free!

Our best build to date, we’re super proud of it, and are looking forward to being out and about with it again in 2024. See you then ;).