NotchJack’s Famous ‘71 Aussie Notch

NotchJack’s Famous ‘71 Aussie Notch

Probably one of the most known cars in the UK stance scene is Jack Royston’s ‘71 Australian Import Notch.

It really has a killer look, with its weathered and beaten up (but still shiny!) ‘Shantung Yellow’ bodywork, awesome race-inspired Kirkey aluminium seats (all trimmed by his parter Vicky!), and those massive 17” BBS RS 3-piece wheels - it’s not a car that goes un-appreciated by many. 

It very much ‘gets around’ this car, and has a reputation of just going everywhere without fault and eating up the miles. Jack has travelled Several Euro trips and countless cross country show visits, proving this cars reliability, even showing up people’s brand new finance-heavy cars when it comes to the real tests. 

Myself and Jack have been good friends for years, so when the idea arose of a custom air-Suspension equipped Type 3 for his next car, I was keen to get involved. 

In late 2016 this car arrived in Jacks and I’s hands almost fresh from Australia. The car boasted no engine, floor, interior, or any discernible ‘lustre’.... But was a mostly original, dry car with lots of potential (and dead spiders).

The car finally hit the road late 2017 and originally ran 15” BBS E30 wheels and grabbed a feature with our friends at Hayburner Magazine. But since then has been back for extra work to allow the new 17” wheels to be fitted, and the car still drive correctly. 

Aside from interior, this is a fully in-house built car and is still one of our favourite builds to date. You can check the car out more by finding Jack on Instagram as @Notchjack .

Suspension Specs:

EvaResto Type 3 T1 Conversion Premium Front Suspension kit with Performance AirSleeve Shocks Upgrade 

EvaResto Type 3 Rear Weld-in air Suspension Kit with Spax Krypton shocks 

Airlift 3p Management Package with 444c Compressor and 4gal Ali tank 

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