1995 1600i Mexibug Transformation

1995 1600i Mexibug Transformation

One of my own project cars here, my 1995 Mexican Import 1600i Beetle.

I’ve always loved these late-model Mexican cars, and this low mileage Pearlescent green example ticked every box for me when I found it in February of this year. It was solid where it really mattered, un-messed-with and oozed pure potential!

Some light structural and body work was taken out including: floor pan rear outer corners (around jack point area), rear bumper mounts, front valence, spare wheel well repairs and some small repairs to the front inner wings.

Once this work was out of the way, the real fun could start! German style bumpers and bright work were fitted up in place of the body-coloured Mexican items, and the bodywork cleaned up and treated to a proper paint correction. Then in the stance department... Full air suspension from us with our AirSistive kit in the rear, full setup in the front with one of our 4” Air beams and Airlift 3p management got the car sitting down low and driving brilliantly. 

To carry on with the picture I had in my head, early style ‘wide 5’ smooth wheels were fitted up in 4” with slim tyres up front, and 6” with chunky tyres in the rear. The fitment was tight and required some quick clearing work to the edge of the wings, but they rolled free and looked super chubby! Colour wise I chose an old English white, and then finished with detailed Big Logo ‘caps and whitewall inserts. An ‘off the wall’ choice for a late bug for sure, but one that undoubtedly works. 

As a finishing touch, Australian-style ‘flash trim’ was added to the side panels of the car. Originally this was to be infilled with the same cream colour I used for the wheels, but I ran out of time before Stanford Hall and in the end I just liked it too much left body colour, so it stayed that way! 

After completion I did a great many miles in this car taking it to as many shows throughout the summer as possible, and then finally LeBugShow in Spa, Belgium. Never skipped a beat and gave me nothing but smiles and good times! It now resides with a new owner in Ireland. 



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