Type3 ‘70- Rear Air Suspension Kit IRS

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The EvaResto Weld-on IRS Rear Air Ride kit.

Our popular Type3 Rear Air Ride kit is a simple but greatly versatile kit that offers great range, great ride quality and straightforward fitting.

Allows for anywhere between easily-available lows to extreme, when extra supplementary work is taken out. Extra work for more lows includes modifications to the shock tower, spring plate and Suspension trailing arm. The Lower brackets can be positioned for best fit once the desired suspension angles have been achieved. 

We don't supply a Bolt-on option for Type3 IRS rear as of yet, as this kit offers great cost effective-ness and Doesn't necessitate removal of the body from the chassis (since the subframe can be dropped).

Supplied with top tube brace, tube supports, corner pieces, upper bag mounts, Airlift D2500 Bags, fixings, air fittings and lower mounts.

Requires Professional welding + fabrication knowledge to fit correctly.
Removal of engine + gearbox is necessary to gain access to rear suspension properly, and removal of the Subframe for proper welding/Installation is recommended but not necessary.

Removal of torsion bars necessary.

Lowest operating pressure - 25psi

Ideal ride height - 60psi (around 3" of lift)

Highest Operating Presure - 100psi

Our stock levels are constantly changing - so for an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand.