Type 3 & T34 '61-'69 Swing Axle - Premium Rear Air Ride System - Bolt on

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This item is made to order to your specification and will incur a lead time of around 2-3 weeks. For an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand. 

The EvaResto Premium Rear Air Suspension Kit 

Type 3 Swing Axle, for Notchback, Fastback, Squareback and T34 Razoredge Karmann Ghia.

Designed to give you everything you need for full ground laying air suspension straight out-of-the-box for the rear of your T1 car, with unmatched quality and value for money.

Want real lows and real driveability? Air is the way to go, and EvaResto offers only the highest quality and best performing kits on the market. The ultimate in aircooled air suspension technology.

When we set about the lengthy design process for our new Premium rear air suspension system, absolutely everything was considered. Ease of fitting, clever and sturdy design, unrivalled performance, unbeatable quality, Value-for-money and of course, great visual looks (it matters!).

The Eva Premium Rear air suspension kit is designed from scratch to give no-compromise lows, full suspension range, great performance and a straightforward no-body-mods fit - straight out of the box, with zero 'add on' parts necessary!

So, what makes up our premium rear system? 
At the heart of the EvaResto Premium rear kit is our top mount brace, that not only provides a super strong mount for the Twin-Bellow air bags, but actually acts as a chassis stiffener essentially tying together 6-points of the stock VW swing axle chassis. In doing this, load and suspension weight is safely spread through your stock chassis, and no components are over-stressed or depended on too heavily. 
The smart design of this kit relocates the shock absorber to behind the axle, allowing the air bag to be positioned closely to the inside of the axle tube and spring plate. Stress is spread through original weight-bearing points on the axle, and 'twist' force is kept to a minimum - ensuring that absolutely nothing is over-stressed or subjected to any more wear than an otherwise stock setup.

Clever design and proper positioning/geometry of the air bags makes for great lifting & operating pressures. Up to 7" of travel is possible with lifting starting as low as 25psi! No oversize overpowered bags to make up for poorly designed brackets/geometry, the bags we use are perfectly spec’d for the weight and application, and work seamlessly. 

Supplied with the kit is our new FreeRoll extended drop plates, which allow the torsion bars to be removed totally and the suspension reach 'full drop' without hangups on the bump stop mounts or shock tower castings. They also feature a slight extension over stock plates, to allow a proper toe angle to be dialled in with ease, even at super low drive heights. These are almost identical to our regular drop spring-plates, however feature a smooth-bore spline stub. The Stub is also machined to OE sizes, so your stock rubber bushings can be re-used. 

Just how low will the kit go you ask? Well, in 'stock' form, the kit will allow the axle tubes to reach their maximum angles. This means floorpan-laid action and huge camber angles are very easily achievable, even without low-profile tyres. Coupled with our gearbox raise cradles, even further lows are available. Only EvaResto supplies bolt-on air suspension kits that allow for full floorpan-laid lows as standard!

The ride quality and handling with this kit is improved over stock, and any 'skittish' feel of a lowered swing axle rear end is eliminated. The supplied sports shock absorbers are a perfect match this setup, and body roll is kept to a minimum. Be prepared for a far more ‘sporty’ and planted feel to your VW! 

No extra wear parts (bushings, pivots etc) are introduced over a stock setup, so no extra maintenance/replacement of parts down the line is required once this kit is fitted. 

Fitting the Eva Premium rear system has been made as straightforward as possible, with zero compromises. Our prime goal is to make your experience with our parts as easy and satisfying as possible, so ease of fitting was a very important consideration during the design process. No engine or gearbox removal is necessary, and the kit can be fitted with ease in around a few hours once the old standard setup has been removed. The kit is also supplied with a complete fastener set and detailed fitting guide. 


Kit as standard contains:
Full Chassis hardware kit including top mounts, brace bar, rose jointed stiffener bars, bolt-on framehorn mounts, torsion tube clamps and lower air bag brackets. 
Shock relocators, FreeRoll extended drop plates. Airlift Performance Twin-Bellow air bags & 1/4" PTC fittings, gas-charged shock absorbers, air line P-clips, new Kunifer hard brake lines & clamps and full comprehensive fastener kit.


Requires removal of original Heat Exchangers and installation of J-Tubes in their place. It may be possible to modify original heater boxes to fit and work with this kit, but we cannot guarantee this having never tried it ourselves.


Now available as an upgrade to the standard supplied sport gas-charged rears (pictured) are EvaResto/Spax ‘Performance+’ Package shocks. The same lift pressure and ride quality as the regular supplied shocks, only with 30-click stiffness/rebound adjustment all round. Enabling you to precisely dial in the suspension feel and response. An ideal choice for the performance minded classic vw builder, and a perfect accompaniment to a high capacity engine setup! Choose the upgrade from the 'Air Suspension Hardware/Chassis Parts' category, and purchase it alongside this kit for the upgrade to take effect.

Supplied coated in a smart hard wearing Satin Black Powdercoat as standard. 

Designed and hand built by us in the UK. 

Full install guide available to view here:
EvaResto Premium Type 3 / 34 Rear Air Kit install Guide – EvaResto Online Store