T1 Beetle/Ghia/T3 Gearbox Raise Cradle .5”- 2”

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Engine & Gearbox/Trans Raise Cradles by EvaResto

A great product for those who seek an aggressively low rear end, but want to retain driveability and also longevity of drivetrain components. 

These mounts give you the option to raise your gearbox + engine by .5”, 1”, 1.5” and 2”.

Why raise your engine and ‘box you may ask? Here’s a few reasons why:

* Reduces wear to fulcrum plates, spider gears and driveshaft paddles on excessively lowered vehicles.

* Reduces negative camber angle, in turn helping to reduce wear on wheel bearings and uneven wear on tyres 

* Greater ground clearance between engine case/sump and floor. A must for those with flat floorpans and other chassis modifications.


These mounts utilise OE rubbers for a totally stock drive and feel. No solid mounts or cheap universal/alternative rubbers here, our raise mounts are designed for quality that’ll match or exceed that of OE parts, not for low production price. 


So, what size is best for you? 

The more the raise, the more the negative camber reduction.

The .5” raise is ideally suited for those looking for reduced drivetrain wear without much supporting work. This size raise should allow you to run a stock exhaust (check your current tailpipe to valence clearance beforehand) system still, and not necessitate any (or very little) modifications to the engine tinware.

1” raise is by far the popular option. Exhaust modifications will most likely be needed depending on your system, and it is advised to run an improvised engine bay tinware seal, or make other cooling arrangements (‘lid stand offs etc). This shouldn’t affect the boot floor of the vehicle but will require modification to the seal channel over the gearbox. The most you can really run without also raising the front of the gearbox

1.5” is like the 1”, just a little more. Boot floor modification is needed as is engine tin, exhaust and other parts. A favourite with those running seriously low static-ly driven cars. 

2” is for those running extreme setups, who need greatly reduced camber and don’t mind taking out supporting modifications like boot floor raise or notch, and modifications to the nose of the gearbox and gear linkage system. Popular with VolksRod owners and others with crazy custom setups.

Can be fitted with the engine & gearbox in place, with the use of a transmission jack and good access to the underside of the vehicle. 

These mounts are tailored to T1 Bug, but can also be used on T2 Split bus, and also Type 3 with Swing axle rear suspension. 

Available in Raw (to be painted) or Satin Black Powdercoated

Our gearbox raise cradles are NOT a ‘bolt-on’ part, and require a good amount of skill and the right attitude to fit correctly and allow for proper operation. Cutting, modifications and other fab work may be required. We recommend these to be fitted by experts only!