T1 Beetle/Ghia T3 EvaResto Zenith Airsleeve Air Shocks

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New From EvaResto, our now fully produced-in-house Airsleeve Air Shock Absorbers


We here at Eva have always detested 'normal style' air shocks on independent setups, so when we designed our first front air suspension kit in 2018, we used something unlike the norm - and designed a setup that used proper Large-Capacity Air shocks. We're now producing our own fabricated Air Sleeve shock absorbers in house - for a great price.

Enter EvaResto Zenith Air shocks. Produced by us to our own specification, Zenith shocks offer everything you'd want from a Type1 front air ride solution! Easy lifting, superb ride quality, great stroke length and compressed size, plus killer visual look. 

Featuring Oil-based damping with valving specifically for front end Type 1 use, high clearance narrow Air-sleeve bag, O-ring seals, Urethane bushings with CDS steel inserts, 1/8" air port (standard on all of our air ride kits) and 1/4" PTC air fittings.

Rebuildable design with replaceable damper, air sleeve and bushings - should you ever want to 'service' your Zenith shocks down the line. 

For a full kit featuring these shocks and everything you need to run and operate them correctly, see here:
T1 Bug '66- Premium Front Air Ride System - Bolt on – EvaResto

Designed exclusively for use with our EvaResto V2 style Air Ride beams, use on other setups cannot be guaranteed! 

Collapsed size: 305mm

Expanded size: 460mm

Realistic stroke length (from air'd out to fully lifted): 110mm