T1 Beetle/Ghia Pre ‘66 ‘Link Pin’ Premium Front Early Air Ride System - Bolt on

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This item is made to order to your specification and will incur a lead time of around 2-3 weeks. For an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand. 

The EvaResto Premium Front-End Air Suspension kit. Designed to give you everything you need for full ground laying air suspension, with unmatched quality and value for money.

Want real lows and real driveability? Air is the way to go, and EVA offers only the highest quality and best performing kits on the market. The ultimate in aircooled air suspension technology.

A huge upgrade over just bolt-on air shocks, this full kit is designed from scratch to give killer lows, awesome range, great performance and a straightforward no-body-mods fit. 

So, what makes our premium system? Custom built-for-specification Beam in Stock, 2" & 4" Narrowed, Torsion bar delete (freeroll) Rods, our excellent AirSleeve Shocks, Steering extender, Correct length steering rods and long travel ball joints as standard. 

Our Beams are hugely popular and street-proven on some of the best looking cars in the Aircooled scene. The beam featured in this kit is very much the same, but designed to work with our AirSleeve Shocks in perfect harmony. When coupled with the long travel joints, framehead on floor action is easily obtainable with the right wheel and tyre setup. Also as-standard this beam comes fitted up with our Adjustable steering stop.

Lifting is easy, and our own design Airsleeve Shocks make easy work of the task in hand, no matter how much you're carrying under the bonnet. 5" of range from fully compressed to extended makes for more clearance than you'll ever need for the lowest and most vulnerable part of the car - the framehead. 

Custom steering gear including our sturdy Steering Extender help give full steering angle and lock, with no clearance issues or compromise.

Requires 2.5" drop spindles to give maximum lows. These can be added in the drop-down box menu, as most people already have them on their cars before fitting air, they're not specified in the 'stock' kit :).

Our Premium Front Air Suspension Kit as standard contains:
Assembled beam with bushings, centre core and grease hardware, Eva AirSleeve Shocks with installed urethane bushes, 1/4" PTC fittings, FreeRoll rods, Eva Long Travel Ball Joints, Eva Steering extender with fixings, Steering rods, beam grease seals, Fixings & Comprehensive install and operation guide.


Now available as an upgrade to the standard supplied Zenith AirSleeve front shocks (pictured) are EvaResto/Spax ‘Performance+’ Package shocks. The same lift pressure and ride quality as the regular supplied shocks, only with 30-click stiffness/rebound adjustment all round. Enabling you to precisely dial in the suspension feel and response. An ideal choice for the performance minded classic vw builder, and a perfect accompaniment to a high capacity engine setup! Choose the upgrade from the 'Air Suspension Hardware/Chassis Parts' category, and purchase it alongside this kit for the upgrade to take effect.Supplied coated in a smart Satin Black Powdercoat as standard. Any parts added such as Spindles are powdercoated along with the beam and steering rods.

Designed and hand built by us in the UK. 

Full Install guide available to view here:
EvaResto Premium -'65 Early Front Air Kit install Guide – EvaResto Online Store