T1 Beetle/Ghia Spax Stock length Sport Rear Shock Absorbers (Pair)

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Specially specified for T1 rear end application, our SPAX stock length rear shocks are a perfect fit for a stock or mildly lowered rear end. 

We’ve messed around with lots of different spec shocks before, and it can be a tricky deal. Either ending up with shocks too short, too long, or too stiff....

Enter our Spax Performance/EvaResto shock range. Absolutely the highest quality shocks on the market for Aircooled VW cars.

Featuring tuned for application internal valving with 30-click bump/rebound adjustment. Allowing you to perfectly dial-in your preferred feel and ride stiffness/softness! 

Stock factory length, ideally fitted to a stock height vehicle, or one lowered generally less than 2.5” from stock. 
for shocks to fit a vehicle lower than this, see our Lowered spec shocks. 


(Taken from centre of mounting positions, accounting for ‘squeeze’ of internal bump stop on compressed measurement)

Fully Expanded: 380mm

Fully Compressed: 255mm


Supplied as a pair!

Gloss Anthracite finished as standard.