T1 Beetle/Ghia Spax Lowered Sport Rear Shock Absorbers (Pair)

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Specially sized and spec’d by us for Lowered Bug Rear End, our Spax Performance Shortened shocks are an ideal fit for almost every lowered setup. 

We’ve messed around with lots of different spec shocks before, and it can be a tricky deal. Either ending up with shocks too short, too long, or too stiff....

Enter our Spax Performance/EvaResto shock range. Absolutely the highest quality shocks on the market for Aircooled VW cars.

Featuring tuned for application internal valving with 30-click bump/rebound adjustment. Allowing you to perfectly dial-in your preferred feel and ride stiffness/softness! 

Measuring up around 2.5” shorter fully expanded than stock shocks, these shocks will work on any lowered ‘60 onwards beetle lowered around 2” from stock, and all the way to maximum axle angle from there. Specifically sized to work as a perfect tie in with our Drop or Drop Adjustable Plates, but generally speaking, are great for any lowered rear setup from 2” and down. 



(Taken from centre of mounting positions, accounting for ‘squeeze’ of internal bump stop on compressed measurement)

Fully Expanded: 325mm

Fully Compressed: 225mm 


Supplied as a pair!

Gloss Anthracite finished as standard.