T1 Beetle/Ghia Link Pin -‘66 Drop Spindles for Drum Brakes

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Dropped Spindles - T1/Beetle for up to 1966 'Link Pin' style setups, using stock style Drum Brakes (Or Disc Brakes if using a kit with adapter brackets designed to fit stock spindles).

A greatly straightforward part that drops your car 2.5” and extends track with by .5” either side.

The first product in properly lowering your front end, these spindles retain a stock-like Suspension geometry when fitted at stock height, and allow for greatly improved geometry when used in conjunction with lowered/Narrowed beams.

Also available now is the option for pre-modified with ‘Bump steer’/Track Rod Flip bushings installed. These are a great upgrade option for when running super low static, as by flipping the track rod ends, the track rod angle is greatly improved. This can go a long way with helping bump steer, steering lock and alignment issues.