T1 Beetle/Ghia IRS Raise/Lift Spring plates

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Our IRS Raised plates are a great option for Lifting your VW IRS rear end 2-3" the correct way.

Avoid sketchily notching your original plates for clearance, and instead fit our specifically designed ‘raise’ plates. These plates clear the factory suspension stops - giving you more suspension travel when riding high - featuring ‘stepped’ 5mm main plates that keep any flex to a minimum. 

EvaResto Raise Plates fit your standard spring plate bushings, so no need to bump up the price with necessary ‘add-ons’ like new bushes - our spline stubs are totally OE standards!

Either Available in standard IRS 'Long' Stub torsion bar size, or short stub like found on Swing Axle cars. The second option is great for those who've made a conversion from Swing to IRS, and don't want to swap out the costly torsion bars, plus covers.

The lift these plates will give you if 2-3" lift with adequate 'droop' if fitted at between 26-30deg. The lower step in the plate allows for easier fitment, and avoids having to over pre-load stock plates and end up with little to no suspension droop.

Designed to not excessively over-extend stock driveshafts. On our Lifted '86, stock joints and axles are used. 

Can now be supplied with new & Correct fasteners, so you can ditch the rusty originals and replace for fresh. Select what you need from the drop down menu.

Supplied in a Satin Powdercoat finish.

Our stock levels are constantly changing - so for an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand.