T1 Beetle/Ghia '60- Swing Axle Spring Plate Bushings set - Polyurethane

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Replacement bushing kit for T1 '60- Swing Axle Spring plates.

Red Polyurethane, high quality casting and offering a slightly more modern feel to your install.

We've used these ourselves in a few cars now, with impressive results and no noise. The correct weatherproof 'red rubber' grease (available at any good motor factors) must be used, ensuring the bush will not dry out and be subject to accelerated wear. 

This kit is supplied to fit OE size spring plates, meaning all of our adjustable, fixed and air ride 'plates also. They may not fit plates from other manufacturers.

Your outer bushings (the ones just underneath the spring plate cover) will either be KNOBBLY or SMOOTH type, depending on what spring plate covers you have fitted to your car. Please confirm and order from the menu accordingly!