T1 Beetle '66- Lowering Service

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Thinking of lowering your VW? Let EvaResto take care of that for you! 

We offer full drive in-drive out lowering packages. Drop your altitude-sickness inducing car off with us, and let us set up your car to the exact spec and height you desire.

Take your car from mild to wild, and be happy that your car has been set up by people passionate about making cars drive as good as they look!

Lowering Service as standard includes:

Removal of original suspension parts

Inspection of Re-Used parts (trailing arms, torsion bars, steering box & arm etc) 

Installation of new Front Beam 

Narrowing of original Torsion leaves

Installation of new track rods

Installation of pre-existing or replacement parts. No Extra Labour charge on add-ons (ie, brake conversion kits, drop spindles).

Beam Packed with grease

Ride height set up to customer request 

Wheel alignment and tracking set up at ride height

Steering box adjusted for free play

Rear Spring plates re-indexed or replaced with Drop/Drop Adjustable spring plates

Listing Price is for Labour charge only. 

Every order/car is different, so for an exact setup cost from us to your desired spec, please contact us directly via email or phone :)