T1 Beetle ‘60- Diesel Cabin Heater Mount

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2KW Eberspacher Airtronic/Chinese Diesel heater mount for 1960- VW Beetle 

PLEASE NOTE: This will ONLY fit a 2KW powered heater variant. Others listed/sold as 2-5KW or 5KW are much larger and more powerful, and will not fit this mount. 

Diesel/kerosene fired 12v cabin heaters have become a very popular upgrade for classic Aircooled VW cars, as they offer a great solution to the missing or poorly performing standard heating system.

With this handy bolt-in mount, we’re allowing the easiest possible and neatest fit for a 2KW Diesel heater to any 1960- standard style Beetle. Designed to be the ideal foundation for a perfectly neat and reliable heater install. 

Heater unit simply bolts down to this mount via the supplied fixings. Also present are slots/holes for mounting the fuel pump and holes for cable/loom ties. 

Easily fixes in place through the wing mounting bolts, and rear left fuel tank bolt. Longer wing bolts and securing nuts supplied.

Supplied either raw (to be painted), or powdercoated Satin Black.  

Please also note: Mount itself is bolt-in, but installation of heater requires at least a hole cut (around 25mm diameter) into the inner wing section below the mount for the exhaust pipe. 

We do not sell the Heater Kits ourselves, just these mounts. Search ‘Chinese diesel heater UK’ on Facebook to find a good page about installing, troubleshooting and running and sourcing these heaters.