T1 Beetle/Ghia Gearbox Mount Fuel Filter Bracket kit V2

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Now as our new & improved Version 2, An elegant and safe solution to where to fit your inline filter, our Gearbox mounted Fuel Filter Bracket.

Please note, this product will only fit on a gearbox with the cast in clutch tube bracket, not the bolt-on type. 

Fits to the side of a stock T1 gearbox using the original fixings and sits inline to join the stock chassis hard line to the engine bay hard line. Mounts the previously vulnerable filter out of harms way and the engine bay, in the best place for complete filtration. 

Smart bracket design with easy release spring-clips (new for 2023) makes for super easy fitting and servicing. Simply pull the line free to replace the fuel filter, then snap back in when done, holding the line sturdily out of harms way. 

Kit supplied with 4 correct size clamps, standard inline low pressure fuel filter, and a length of E10 fuel safe R9 grade flexible fuel line.

Fitting is simple, and only requires the removal and re installation of 2 gearbox side plate bolts for the bracket itself, fitment of the flexible line with inline filter, and snapping the fuel line into the spring clips to finish.  

Available supplied raw or powdercoated Satin Black.  

*please note : This product is designed for use with the stock fuel system of any year beetle. It is not advised it be used in conjunction with an electronic fuel pump mounted *before* the filter element. After/mounted in engine bay is acceptable! Thanks