T1 Beetle/Ghia OE Beam ‘66- Ball Joint Weld-On Extended V2 Shock Tower kit

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EvaResto OE Weld-on self fit/fabricate V2 towers for ‘65 onwards ‘Ball Joint’ front beams.

Planning on narrowing your OG beam? Then our OE-fit tower kits are for you.

With 2 styles to go for in both early and late specification, we hope to cater for every suspension type!

From regular static narrowing & Lowering, to towers designed to bear full weight (ie, air shocks, coilovers or hydraulic setups), we offer types to suit. 

These towers are for all uses, but are optimised for Air Shocks, Hydro setups and coilover systems. 

Designed to Convert your OG beam into EvaResto Air/Airjustable V2 spec.

The Extended and thrown back design allows for longer travel Eyelet-Eyelet style shocks to be used, and also optimises your beam for maximum lows when/if running Air Shocks. The weld on gusset adds the lateral strength needed for when running no Torsion bar support, ie Air Suspension, coilover shock absorbers, or hydraulic rams. 

These are designed as a fully ‘futureproof’ fit, and are an almost identical copy of the towers found on our Air and Airjustable V2 Beams - so they don’t only support regular style air shocks, but our new high-performing AirSleeve shocks, and upgrade damping Adjustable shocks also. 

The Dog-Leg design allows for anything up to a 4" Narrow job with no inner wing modification. Standard shock towers allow for only a 2" narrow, and also aren't strong enough or long enough to properly support alternative suspension types.

Please note: Expert/experienced persons to fit only! We do not recommend modifying your own suspension parts, unless you are fully confident/have the right qualifications to do so!

If you’re looking for a 100% new pre-fabricated front beam/axle, please look in our ‘beam workshop’ category :)