EvaResto T1 Beetle ‘Flatpan’ Flat Floorpan Sections

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New from EvaResto, our own manufactured Flat Floorpan sections. 

Supplied as a pair, enough to do one car. 

Planning on modifying your floorpan for extra ground clearance when running low?

A common modification to those who are familiar with the low-clearance lifestyle - ‘Flat pans’ give a couple of inches extra clearance right in the middle of the car, making navigating speed humps, rough roads or steep driveway crests a whole load easier.

So, thinking of ‘flat panning’ your car?
Step away from the paper thin steel and eBay bead roller! Do the job professionally and with the right grade/strength material, with our specially designed weld-in flat pan sections.

Formed with OE style pressings and from OE thickness (18 gauge) steel, these pans are a great product for the those with a quality job in mind. A professional finish is easily achieved, if you’ve the skills to make a neat job of installation. 

Supplied as a pair, raw ready to be trimmed to size and grafted in place of bashed up, damaged or just ‘annoyingly low’ OE style dropped/welled pans. 

These sections measure in at 910x450mm wide, with plenty of excess material to work on both early and later style floorpans. 

Due to the nature of how these are formed, and the excess material around the ‘skirt’ left to trim down, there is some warping present! Usual trimming, fitting and clamping flat will eliminate any warping. 

Cutting, Welding, professional tools and knowledge required to fit! These are a non refundable item once modified in any way from how they are shipped! 

Due to constantly changing stock levels, please contact us if you would like to know the current lead time - if any.