Eva T1 Beetle/Ghia Narrowed -‘66 Link Pin Adjustable Front Beam / Axle

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This item is made to order to your specification and will incur a lead time of around 1-2 weeks. For an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand. 

-1965 'Link Pin' Narrowed Adjustable Front Beam, designed to fit standard style -'65 Shock absorbers

Totally hand built out of the finest quality materials possible, our Beams make the job of Lowering, Narrowing and enhancing your VW’s visual look as straightforward as possible.

Our beams are amongst our most popular products, and something we take very seriously! Street proven on some of the coolest VW’s in the UK and trusted by Classic VW professionals and enthusiasts across the UK and around the world, here’s a few reasons why we have one of the best names in the business for Axle Beams:


An EvaResto beam is built tough as standard!

Our end plates are precision laser-cut from no compromises 8mm steel, CNC press-braked into a 'dog-leg' inner wing-friendly shape, and fully seam welded to the beam assembly.
Cold-drawn Seamless (CDS) high grade tubing is used for the upper and lower tubes. Perfectly round, straight and beefy enough to withstand lowering-related abuse!



Hand made by us ensures one thing, care and attention at every step. Our beams are assembled in our beam jig to precise measures and alignments, and welded together by skilled experienced welders using top quality equipment. 


A great visual look as standard, but by no means form over function! 4mm Single piece uprights are welded then smoothed round for a great visual oe-style look, and parts like our shock towers are all designed to be slightly longer and slightly swooped back, to allow better geometry and articulation of shock absorbers under lowered ride height circumstances. Our unique end plate design also allows a much improved ground clearance than standard, hugging the lower beam tube closely, without effecting overall strength.


Thanks to our beautifully designed Dog-leg style low profile shock towers, a no-body mods fit is available without compromise. No cutting, bashing or modification of your Bug/Ghia is needed at all to allow our beams to fit without clearance issues. 

Standard style Adjustable and air-ride style beams from us are available in up to 4”, with special ‘supernarrowed’ variants being available in 6” also, and further sizes in 'shockless' variants. 


Our 8-piece Bushing System is hard to beat. Long life of bushings, no damage to trailing arm surfaces, zero noise, plus precise, free and easy movement of trailing arms can be expected - thanks to our OE style ‘grease cavity’ design, and super hard wearing Acetal bushes. 


Our beams come to you as you’d want, ready to bolt straight up to your car - No guesswork! Adjuster hardware is installed, as are grease fittings, dust covers and 8-piece bushings. Our Acetal bushings are installed with retaining compound, then precision reamed to a perfect fit on your trailing arms. Full assembly and Fitting trailing arms is as simple as building up an OE beam. 


Our long travel Sway-a-way style MAX adjusters are installed at an angle that works for most setups. Whether you’re using drop spindles or not, the height you need is easy to set up. Around 5.5” of Adjustment range can be expected.


EvaResto Beams can be supplied in Raw or Powdercoated. 

Satin Black Powdercoat is our go-to. A super smart factory looking finish that’s easy to maintain and will last for years to come. Fancy something different? We can powdercoat in a range of colours! (Lead time may be increased, please message first if a custom colour is preferred). 


Since we assemble these beams by hand, a custom job is something we’re not afraid of! Whether it be a specific narrow size, oversize, different tower design, modified uprights... anything goes! We’ve built many one-off beams for customers. Don’t see what you need? Just ask! 


Ok, it might never be that easy! But, if you’re looking for a more straightforward install, EvaResto can be of service. See our listing for our fully assembled options, plus our ‘services’ tab - If you'd like the ultimate in drop-off and pick-up lowering service!

From Just reconditioned trailing arms supplied and fitted, to Disc-to-Disc setups supplied with new steering gear, wheel bearings installed and adjusted, new rubbers and everything inbetween. Let us be your one stop drop shop!

This Listing is for just the Axle beam, completed in your specified finish and assembled with internal parts (see above).
For parts like pre-narrowed Torsion Leaves/bars, Track rod kits, custom lowered shock absorbers and everything else you might need for install, see our Front Suspension category.