Eva T1 Beetle/Ghia IRS Adjustable Drop Springplates

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This item is currently made to order and will incur a lead time of around 1-2 weeks. For an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand. 

Our IRS Adjustable Drop plates are a great option for lowering your VW IRS rear end the correct way.

Add super-easy fine adjustability to your VW rear end. Compensate for extra load, level up your ride or dial in your perfect stance with ease with our superb Adjustable Drop Plates. Featuring a long adjustment screw, clamp bolt design and supplied with the proper C-Spacer plate - Our plates are a fantastic addition to your VW.

Avoid sketchily notching your original plates for clearance, and instead fit our specifically designed ‘drop’ plates. These plates clear the factory suspension stops - giving you more suspension travel when riding low, allow correct wheel alignment through a small extension over stock plates - which helps against premature tyre wear, and also keep things safe - featuring beautifully designed ‘stepped’ 5mm main plates that keep stresses to a minimum.

EvaResto Drop Plates fit your standard spring plate bushings, so no need to bump up the price with necessary ‘add-ons’ like new bushes - our spline stubs are totally OE standards!

The ‘Drop’ these plates will give you if fitted as per exact factory angles is around 1”. However the joy of a T1 rear end of course is near infinite adjustability. When fitted to either +1 or +2 inner or outer splines, these plates can offer greater lows whilst still retaining clearance on the chassis bump stop, and still allowing for a correct Toe angle to be dialled in. 

Please Note! IRS suspension does require clearance work for anything more than a 2” drop. Suspension travel is limited by the design of the arms, bump stop mount, and chassis stop. 
These plates are a step in the right direction towards a lowered ride height, and will themselves not require modifications unlike factory plates. But these parts are not simply a bolt-on slam part. IRS requires more work than Swing Axle style rear suspension to get low, and retain acceptable travel. 

Can now be supplied with new & Correct fasteners, so you can ditch the rusty originals and replace for fresh. Select what you need from the drop down menu.

Supplied in a Satin Powdercoat finish.