T1 Beetle/Ghia EvaResto Skid Plate V3 Kit

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EvaResto T1 Bug/Ghia Frame head/Beam protection Skidplate Kits - protect your lowered car, Don’t run low without one!

Our latest design for our super popular T1 Skid Plate kit, designed to offer unrivalled protection for your framehead bottom plate/edge on your lowered vw.

Why run a skidplate on your lowered Beetle/Ghia?

It's simple! The leading edge of the framehead bottom plate is very easily damaged on a low-riding car. Damage to this area is difficult to repair properly, and does effect the overall strength of the framehead - the main structure right where your front suspension mounts from. 

Our Skidplate kit covers this area completely, and effectively deflects any would-be damage caused from uneven road surfaces, bumps and other debris.

Designed to withstand the hardest of abuse, our plates are built tough from 4mm steel plate, designed to fit as snugly as possible to the framehead/beam, feature ramped edges to avoid unnecessary holdups, and are clearanced for most beam adjuster types.

Easy to install - just requires removal of two lower beam into framehead bolts

Fits Ball Joint & Link Pin models. For use without standard anti-roll bar. 
Will not fit beams fitted with 'avis' style adjusters.

Supplied in Raw finish or optional Satin Powdercoat finish.