T1 Beetle/Ghia EvaResto Skid Plate V3 Kit

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 EVA VW T1 Bug/Ghia Frame head/Beam protection Skidplate Kits - protect your lowered car, Don’t run low without one!

We've Redesigned our super popular T1 Skid Plate kit again, this time adding even more strength, a super slick looking new design, and an extra 'ramp' kick up at the rear. The V3 Skidplate is here, ready to fight anything that enters it's path!

As Per all of our original skid plate kits, this one features the following

*Lasercut from 4mm Steel plate
*Machine profiled to the perfect shape and fit
*Designed to fit the framehead as snugly as possible to avoid unnecessarily effecting ground clearance
*Gusseted welded design to increase strength, reduce likeliness of bending/misshaping and increase lifespan of product
*Ramped front and rear design to stop plate getting hung up on any obstructions
*Slotted mounts for adjustability - fits factory or clearanced frame heads
*Supplied with High Tensile 10mm extended beam bolts
*Easy install - just requires removal of two lower beam into framehead bolts
*Fits Ball Joint & Link Pin models
*Clearanced for most beam adjuster styles (May require further modifications for non-conventional beam/adjuster styles) 

These have proven to be very tough in testing, and highly resistant to bending out of shape or moving on their mountings.
The welded gussets and tight fitting design help make this the strongest and best lasting beetle skidplate avaliable.

Pictured fitted to a stock (minus adjusters) '74 beetle with no frame head 'lip' removal. The lip of the framehead (lowest point of a lowered car) can be considerably smoothed down for better ground clearance.... These plates fit great with either unmodified or cut down lips.

Supplied in Raw finish or optional Satin Powdercoat finish.