T1 Beetle Adjustable Quick Release Decklid Standoff Brackets

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Adjustable sliding engine lid / Decklid standoff brackets from EvaResto. 

Supplied as a pair - for one vehicle.

The traditional style decklid standoff brackets have been available for years, and serve a purpose in allowing extra cooling air into the engine bay for either big HP motors, alternatively cooled engines, or just purely for aesthetics! 

Although they work well, if you'd ever like to 'close' your lid fully without dismantling the whole hinge bracket and re-aligning your engine lid, you'd be out of luck.

That's where our Adjustable standoff brackets come into play.
With just the removal and re-installation of 2x M8 hex-headed bolts the whole lid assembly can be either set at stock, or fully opened for that 'stood off' setting!
Can be taken from fully open to fully closed in just a few steps (just a couple of min), with no re-adjustment of the 'lid needed!

Another nifty feature we designed into these is the 'quick release' function, which allows the hinge bracket to split into two parts, allowing the engine lid to be released from the body (requires disconnection of the number plate light also) and set aside, allowing for easier access when servicing/working on your engine.
The 'Quick Release' function requires the removal of the M6 'stopper' bolts from the bracket. These can either be left in or out, and are just there to stop the brackets fully detaching whilst adjustments to the stand-off position are made. 

Installation is as simple as fitting factory units, and should allow for a properly fitting engine lid.

Please note: Although this product matches the dimensions of the stock hinge bracket, fine adjustment of the decklid fitment is a process that requires patience and skill! Be careful to allow proper clearance when fitting, reducing the risk of any paintwork damage.

The stood-off position can give lower engine lid clearance issues on pre ‘67 engine lids (long style) with stock blade bumpers - just like traditional engine lid standoff brackets. An adjustment to your bumper/bumper brackets may be needed!

It is recommended you keep the slider channel/mechanism lightly oiled/greased to maintain easy adjustability when exposed to rain/moisture. 

Can not be used with factory engine lid spring.

Supplied raw (to be painted) or Powdercoated Satin Black (recommended).
Original hardware can be re-used for fitting to your car.

For fitting and demonstration of our Standoff Brackets, click the link below: 

VW Beetle Adjustable Engine Lid Standoffs - EvaResto - YouTube

Our stock levels are constantly changing, at peak times even small items like these are made to order, so for an up-to-date lead time please email us beforehand.