Airlift 4-way Complete Management Package 1/4”

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Airlift Performance Manual 4-way Paddle Valve Management kit.

This straightforward management kit will satisfy most peoples needs when fitting our Air Suspension kits. No Computerised element or display, instead this system uses manually operated valves and a pair of twin-needle guages for front & rear air systems. Raise and drop times are limited by these manual valves (small internal valve size), but overall ride comfort and operation is similar to that of other 'digital' kits. Back to basics - gets the job done! 

For use with our Premium or Airsistive kits - 4 gal tank capacity and heavy duty compressor will run all of our air ride systems with ease.


  • 12v Viair 444c compressor
  • 4Gal Aluminium tank in Brushed or Polished finish. 
  • 1/4” Air Line
  • 2x Dual-Needle Pressure Gauges 
  • 4x Paddle valves and surround for easy fitting 
  • Viair Relay 
  • Pressure sensor 
  • Safety pressure release valve
  • Electrical fittings + wire required for install
  • Everything needed for installation!



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