Airlift 3P Controller Universal steel flush Mount

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Our universal cut-to-fit Airlift 3P/H Controller flush mount.

Designed to be cut to size, our Airlift Controller Flush Mount is an ideal choice for mounting a controller in a vehicle with no bolt-in solutions available. 

Made from 2mm steel, meaning cutting down to size will require professional tools and finishing.

.5mm gap around the whole of the controller, and an extra 2mm 'depth' available. This is to allow for trimming (interior upholstery) if necessary. Thick double-sided foam tape is required to completely 'flush mount' the controller with the flat steel surface. The controller must be fixed in place, to hold it from moving about/rattling.

This is a universal part, and as such, is mountable wherever you please.

Precision cut from 2mm laser cut steel.

Supplied Raw (to be painted)


Airlift 3P Controller is not included.