12v Electric Fuel Pump Wiring Relay Install Kit

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Upgrading to an aftermarket electronic fuel pump for your classic VW?

Wire it in properly and safely with this complete wiring kit!

Designed to only run the fuel pump when the engine is turning over, meaning your pump won't be needlessly running when the ignition is on but engine not running, or in the case of a stall.

This is absolutely the best for safety, and will ensure that in the unfortunate case of an accident, the power to the fuel pump will be cut when the engine is switched off/stalls.

Featuring a 5-point relay and Prime Switch. Mount the prime switch within arms reach inside the vehicle, and you'll be able to quickly and safely 'prime' the fuel system up to pressure if the car has been off of the road for a period or the fuel system has been worked on/drained. This helps to greatly reduce cranking time compared to a standard engine driven fuel pump.

Installing this kit has been made as simple and straightforward as possible, with wiring labelled to exactly where it needs to go.

Connections are as follows:

- From 12v Ignition power source (fused, use inline holder)
- To Alternator warning light
- To Fuel Pump +
- To and from prime push switch 

Provided with necessary connectors and ample lengths of wire for an easy install.