EvaResto T1 -'65 Link Pin Lower shock relocator Install Guide



Thank you for purchasing our Lower Shock relocator kit. This kit will allow for fitment and correct operation of AirSistive (Monroe style) and Premium (zenith style with one of our Beams) Air Shocks.

They can also be used to aid operation or regular style shock absorbers, helping to correct offset on 4" and greater narrow sizes and allow for a longer stroke shock absorber to be used.

This product is primarily designed to fit our own line of products, and thus will fit as fully bolt-on and fuss free. However due to the nature of the vast aftermarket classic VW parts market, we cannot guarantee a perfect installation for everybody's setup!


Parts supplied:

Pair of shock relocator assemblies, consisting of:

  • Inner flat parts x2
  • Mid part (sided)
  • Outer flat parts x2
  • Tube spacer x10
  • M12x80 Bolts x6
  • M12 Nyloc nuts x6
  • M12 Washers x16
  • M10 Nyloc nuts x2
  • M10 Washers x2
  • Oversize spacer washers x8


Get yourself and the car ready for the job.
Ensure vehicle is safely lifted and supported, using safe and correctly graded equipment. Front wheels off, tools at the ready.

Note: Your kit may differ slightly in visual
design to the kit depicted in this fitting guide.

Car Preparation

Remove any shocks or fittings from the original shock mountings on your lower trailing arms. 
Remove the locking nuts from the torsion bar grub screws in the lower arms, like pictured below:




Step 1

These are a special fully bolt-on design and come pre-assembled to show fastener & spacer locations. They fit to the lower trailing arms, and consist of 3x main parts & 5x tube spacers per side

Start with the mid-part, and slide it over the exposed grub screws like so:

Step 2

Then, assemble the inner part like this, with the bolts, washers and 2x of the spacers.

Step 3

Slide 2x M12 washers over the factory lower shock mountings, then fit the inner part of the relocator into the mid-piece like shown,:

Then fit 2x of the tube spacers like shown:

Step 4

And then the outer part of the relocator. This might be a slightly awkward fit, requiring the bolts to be pushed back in to allow it to locate properly. A plastic mallet may be needed to push the bolts all the way through and out the side of the outer piece.

With this in place, fit the M12 washers and Nyloc nuts 

Now tighten these down fully, and fit the Grub Screw locking nut loosely.

Step 5

Then move to the factory shock mounting. Fit 1x tube spacer, M10 washer and M10 Nyloc nut like pictured. Tighten this down fully

Then moving back to the grub screw locking nut, tighten this down fully

Step 6

Ensure all of the fixings on these are fully tightened down.

Repeat these steps for the other side.

The Lower Relocator brackets are now installed!


Step 7 (final)

EvaResto lower relocators are supplied with 4x spacers per side. These are designed to give you the ideal placement for your shocks, if you are struggling with clearance issues. Or alternatively, allow for a shock with a wider bushing to be fitted. The standard fitment for our Zenith shocks and Monroe style shocks is 2x large washers per side of the lower bushing - like shown below.

It's a good idea to grease up the edges of the lower shock bushing where it's sandwiched between the spacers to allow for smooth operation. Fit and tighten this fixing fully once the shock absorber is in place.


Once installed, Check for proper operation and that shock absorbers can move fully within the suspension travel freely and without any clearance issues. If problems are found, the top mount (on your axle beam) may need spacing out or modifying to allow better shock absorber angle.


Thanks for Purchasing an EvaResto kit. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.