Complete EvaResto T1/Beetle/Ghia Premium Air Suspension fitting service

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Leave your complete Air Suspension install to the Pro's, and let us take your car to the next level of looks and driveability.

The ultimate in Aircooled Air Suspension fitting service in the UK. Parts designed, manufactured and fitted all under one roof. Quality control at it's finest throughout!

Our basic Premium air suspension + Airlift 3P management kit fitting includes:

*Removal of all currently fitted suspension parts

*Inspection of Re-Used parts (trailing arms, torsion bars, steering box & arm etc) 

*Removal of old ball joints and installation of new

*Installation of new Front Beam & complete rear setup

*Installation of pre-existing or replacement parts. No Extra Labour charge on add-ons (ie, brake conversion kits, drop spindles).

*Beam Packed with grease

*Air lines ran safely through vehicle, rubber grommets & plastic clips used throughout

*Neat & Tidy installation of air management system behind rear seats. For Installation under the bonnet, one of our Air Ride install mounts will be required at extra cost.

*Fitting of Air Ride controller in glovebox or under dashboard (per request)

*Set up of different presets as per customers requests.

*Steering box adjusted

*Wheel alignment and tracking set up at ride height

*Vehicle test drove and fully tested for air leaks. Air System will be 100% free of leaks when completed

Listing Price is for Labour charge only. 

Please note, an extra charge is included for the install of a manual management system, due to the extra complications when fitting, and extra time taken installing the system.

Extra parts may be required in some circumstances, where original parts can not be re-used due to wear or damage. 

We typically book around a month in advance for this service, and take 1-2 weeks to complete the job. 

A Deposit is required to book a spot and enable us to start 'pre-building' your kit before the vehicle is taken into our premises. 

Pictures used on this listing our cars that have previously had our install service.


Please contact us if you would like to know more, or are interested in booking this service!