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The EvaResto Premium Complete Air Suspension ‘60-'65 Swing Axle chassis kit. Designed to give you everything you need for full ground laying air suspension, with unmatched quality and value for money.

Air Ride for Classic Aircooled cars has always been a tricky and over-complicated seeming deal. On one hand you have the proven kits out there that have been circulating for years that require welding and fabrication work, plus body removal to properly fit... And then on the other, kits that claim full Bolt-on, but still require things like engine & gearbox removal, or bodywork cutting/clearancing to fit.... And don’t yeild particularly great results once in place - feeling more like a compromise than a proper performing solution. We here at EVA are working hard to revolutionise Air Suspension systems for Classic Type 1/Beetle models, changing the standards of how kits should fit, feel and perform in the real world.

Years of experience fitting and servicing almost every type of Air Suspension system possible on Aircooled Type1 cars has led up to this point. Our own design cleverly engineered, Bolt On, Zero Compromise kits are here. Designed to lay your car out like you’ve always dreamed, and make it drive a way you thought not possible. Engineered and produced by the obsessed, for the obsessed. 

This Kit contains all of the the Chassis parts needed to fully independently Air-Equip your car and remove the torsion bar/spring assembly and majority of the factory suspension components in full. A management package of your choice must be used in conjunction with this system. These can be found under the “Air Suspension Management Packages” category. We have a range of choices for different budgets from Airlift Performance. 

A huge upgrade over a statically dropped setup, this full kit is designed from scratch to give killer lows, awesome range, great performance and a straightforward no-body-mods fit. 

From fully dropped, to near stock height, our kits give around 5-6” of useable range. Plenty for tackling rough roads, bumpy fields, ferry/eurotunnel access (we all know someone who’s had a hard time with a lowered car here!) or steep driveways. Choose from a moderately stanced useable drive height, to half an inch of ground clearance (at your own risk!) to high enough to never contact the floor with your pristinely restored floorpan... whatever your personal or driving style, let Air Ride suit you perfectly. 

So, what makes up our full Premium system? Rather than offering you a ‘full air suspension kit’ that needs recommended upgrades/extra parts/modifications to get you actually low, our Standard Premium kit comes with everything you need (with the exception of drop spindles - I’ll explain later!) to get your car sitting where you really want. Both the front and rear kits are designed to allow full layed-out lows with no pre-mature ‘bottoming-out’ of parts like Ball Joints, spring plates, shock absorbers or air bags. As a result, the EvaResto Premium air ride kits provide the best possible out-of-the-box lows, and boast easier lifting and lower running pressures than any other kit available from any other manufacturer.

The front end Premium kit consists of: Custom built-for-specification Beam in Stock, 2" & 4" Narrowed (please specify when ordering), Torsion bar delete Freeroll Rods, our excellent super powerful AirSleeve Shocks, Steering extender/quick steer kit, Correct length custom steering rods, our fully bolt-on shock mount relocators, Beam grease seals set, 1/4” PTC fittings, Comprehensive installation guide and complete fastener kit.

And the rear end Premium kit: Full Chassis hardware kit including 6-point top mounts, brace bar, rose jointed stiffener bars, bolt-on framehorn mounts, torsion tube clamps and lower air bag brackets. 
Shock relocators, FreeRoll extended drop ‘spring’ plates with OE size stubs (re-use your factory rubbers). Airlift Performance Twin-Bellow air bags & 1/4" PTC fittings, gas-charged KYB shock absorbers, air new Kunifer hard brake lines & clamps, Comprehensive installation guide and complete fastener kit.

Now available as an upgrade to the standard supplied AirSleeve front shocks and sport gas-charged rears, Performance Adjustable AirSleeve & Spax Krypton shock absorbers can be selected. These are excellent motorsport quality shocks, and add fine-tuneable stiffness and rebound adjustment, so can be used to dial in your preferred suspension comfort at your chosen ride height. Select the ‘performance upgrade’ in the drop down menu if you wish to upgrade to these. 

Pictured is the standard kit (no shock absorber upgrades)

Low profile tyres are recommended for the front axle to allow for best results. 

Requires 2.5" drop spindles to give maximum lows. These can be added in the drop-down box menu, as most people already have them on their cars before fitting air, they're not specified in the 'stock' kit :).

This kit is to fit 1960-65 Vw Type 1 (Beetle, Ghia, Trekker (Trekker may require body mods)) Models with King & Link Pin style front ends and Swing Axle rear. 

All parts Supplied coated in a smart Satin Black Powdercoat as standard.

Kit Install guides are available to view in full here prior to ordering your kit:

Front Premium kit:
EvaResto Premium -‘65 Early front air kit install guide

Rear Premium Kit: 
EvaResto Premium '60- Rear Air Kit install Guide

Our stock levels are constantly changing - so for an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand.