T1 Beetle/Ghia/T3 Bug Rear Height Sensor Brackets

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Our Bolt-On Rear Height sensor brackets. For use with Airlift 3H or Accuair management systems. Fits T1 Beetle + Ghia and Type 3 Rear, All years & 99% of all Air Suspension kits.

Makes the job of fitting height sensors to the Rear end of your T1 car as straightforward as possible! Simple bolt on design utilises the rear spring plate cover mounting points, and gives you perfect positioning of the Height Sensor assembly. Bolt on design, only requiring the drilling of 1x 5.5mm hole per spring plate, per side for pushrod connectivity. 

3x Drilled and pre-tapped height sensor mounting positions allow you to perfectly dial in your height sensor operation. 

Extended spring plate cover hardware supplied.

Kit contains:

2x Height sensor mounting brackets - Raw or Powdercoat finish. 

2x M5x60 bolts for pushrod spacing/angle correction

2x M5x50 bolts for pushrod spacing/angle correction

4x M5x30 Mounting bolts

12x M5 plain Nuts

4X M10x70 Spring plate cover extended bolts

4X M10x30 Spring plate cover replacement bolts

8x M10 Plain nuts (not pictured)

8x M10 washers


Note: Height sensor not included - for illustration purposes only.

Please consult your Air Management installation guide for correct fitting of height sensors.