T1 Beetle/Ghia Eva Lowered Sport Front Shock Absorbers

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Specially sized and spec’d by us for our own ‘66- Ball Joint front Beams, our Shortened front shocks are an ideal fit for almost every lowered setup!

We’ve messed around with lots of different spec shocks before, and it can be a tricky deal. Either ending up with shocks too short, too long, or too stiff....

Enter our new Range of Shortened shocks. The sizes you need, and Gas charged (but not overly hard) for an improved road holding and more modern feel. Delivering a smooth and OE quality ride.

Measuring up around 2” shorter fully expanded than stock shocks, these shocks will work on any lowered ‘66 onwards beetle, lowered around 2” from stock (not including ride height reduced by Drop Spindles), and all the way to the floor from there. Specifically sized to work with EvaResto beams, but may work well with beams from other suppliers/OE 


Centre to centre measurements:

Fully Expanded: 400mm 

Fully Compressed: 280mm 


Please check sizes beforehand if ordering for use on a non-EvaResto beam!