T1 Beetle/Ghia ‘66- Front Height Sensor Brackets

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Our Bolt-On Front Height sensor brackets. For use with Airlift 3H or Accuair management systems. Fit ‘66- ‘Ball Joint’ style front axles. 

Makes the job of fitting height sensors to the front end of your T1 car as straightforward as possible! Simple bolt on design just requires the removal and re-fitting of the lower torsion bar grub screws on both sides.

We recommend fixing the height sensor itself through the shock tower of the beam for best results.

Height sensor mounting points are Drilled and thread-tapped into all of our Air Ride Beams from 2021 onwards - other suppliers beams or older versions of ours will need holes drilling to allow height sensor fitment. See pictures for how best to position them. 

4x pre-cut pushrod mounting positions available. Full and accurate height sensing is easily achievable for most air ride setups, with long or short stroke shocks fitted.

Kit contains 2x Height sensor brackets - Raw or Powdercoat finish. 

Fasteners and hardware supplied with your height sensor kit will be required for fitting. 

Please consult your Air Management installation guide for correct fitting of height sensors.