T1 Beetle/Ghia Complete Fuel line replacement kit with Gearbox Mount Fuel Filter Bracket V2

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From EvaResto, Complete flexible fuel line replacement kits, supplied with our popular Filter mount bracket kits.

Please note, this product will only fit on a gearbox with the cast in clutch tube bracket, not the bolt-on type.

A do-it-all kit that comes with everything you need to properly replace tired, old or perished fuel line and filters with top quality E10 petrol safe 5.6mm ID R9 line, correct sized clamps, and high quality inline fuel filter.

Fuel lines can be easily overlooked on your classic VW, but are arguably one of the most important aspects of keeping your car safe and of course, not on fire!
Modern fuel contains up to 10% Ethanol content, which is known for internally perishing non-resistant older fuel lines, cheaper hose and cloth overbraid fuel hose.

The type we use is specified as R9 rating, and is a top quality modern fuel resistant line mostly used on new fuel injected vehicles. This is resistant to the new E10 (10% ethanol content), and top quality. That said, we strongly recommend all flexible and hard fuel lines should be periodically checked as a matter of course alongside the normal service intervals of your car, it’s common sense!

Kit comes supplied with 2x metre of fuel line, 10x hose clips, 1x replaceable fuel filter, 1x Powdercoated Fuel Filter Bracket 

Extra line can be specified if required. The regular 2 metre supplied will be plenty for a stock setup with chassis hardline. 

The Fuel Filter Bracket supplied fits to the side of a stock T1 gearbox using the original fixings and sits inline to join the stock chassis solid line to the engine bay solid line. Mounts the previously vulnerable filter out of harms way, and it's positioning makes for the most efficient filtration without being dangerously mounted within the engine bay itself. Fitting is simple, and only requires the removal and re-installation of 2 gearbox side plate bolts, and of course then connecting up the lines either side, and snapping them in place on the brackets spring clip fixings.


*Please note : This kit is designed for use with the stock fuel system of any year carburettor-fitted beetle. It is not advised it be used in conjunction with an electronic fuel pump mounted *before* the filter element. After/mounted in engine bay is acceptable!