T1 Beetle/Ghia Entry Level 'AirSistive' Front Air Shocks - Bolt on

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Super simple install and operation, our entry level front kit will fit your existing ‘66- standard style or Eva Resto beam, and offer up to 4” of lift from your predetermined dropped height.

Want real lows and real driveability? Air is the way to go for your VW, and EVA offers only the highest quality and best performing kits on the market.

Need a super simple way to lift your front end for driving, overcoming obstacles or taking on extra load? This simple kit is a cost effective easy-fitting system.

This kit requires you to already have a lowered or adjustable beam & drop spindles fitted to your VW. The basic idea is to lower your existing setup to a level you’re happy with as a minimum (dropped) height, and then add this kit on, allowing lift from that point. 

Working in conjunction with stock style torsion bars on your pre-existing setup, the shocks are allowed to work at a safe pressure range. Lifting is easy, ride quality good, and no over-stressing of components.

We don’t recommend this style of air shock to be used independently (with Freeroll/Through Rods) as doing so is exceeding their rated capacity/strength. 

Fitting is super simple, and is just a case of swapping out your pre-existing shock absorbers with new units, and adjusting your 'dropped' ride height to suit your preferences

PLEASE NOTE: Some beam styles may necessitate that a small amount of material is taken from the upper trailing arm for complete air-bellow clearance. our own standard and Air-adjustable style beams will not present this issue at all. 

With the right setup, expect the front end to sit very low but at a ‘safe level’ just off of the ground with the usual 145/65 size low-profile tyre fitted. The shocks are sized perfectly for stock Ball Joint beams, and will also work with our regular adjustable Beams in up to 4” Narrow. 

These shocks are also available in eye-eye fitment for  Air/Airjustable (extended tower) V2 Beams. These shocks are slightly longer than the other type, but when used with this spec beam will give the absolute best drop/lift & performance available for this style shock. Select your type needed in the drop-down menu.

Kit contains as follows:

*Air Shocks + mounting hardware x2

*1/4” PTC (push to connect) air line adapters.


For a full frame-laying independent (no torsion bar assist) Air Suspension setup, see our premium front kit with specially made beam & custom high capacity air shocks. 

Please note! These shocks must be slightly inflated before operation/full compression. Compressing the shock assembly without pre-inflating can cause major damage to the air bellow itself. Not designed to be driven on at 0psi!