T1 Beetle/Ghia '60- Swing Axle Entry Level 'AirSistive' Rear Air Ride System - Bolt on

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Our Entry-level Rear ‘AirSistive’ kit , designed to give you everything you need to air-equip your rear end, with unmatched quality and value for money for a system avaliable at this price. 

Want real lows and real driveability? Air is the way to go for your VW, and EVA offers only the highest quality and best performing kits on the market.

Air ride for T1 Swing axle rear cars has always been a tricky one, and building an air system for one isn't near as straightforward as it is for most conventional suspension types. Weight must be spread evenly, and stress and strain should be kept as factory-like as possible, to avoid over stressing any components that aren't designed to take it. 
With everything considered, we set about designing an air ride system that not only works efficiently and safely, but is a super simple install and setup - not requiring any engine or gearbox removal, or any fab work.

The main component of this kit is our custom sleeve bag shocks. Featuring rose jointed top mounts, Rolling lobe sleeve air bags, gas charged internal shock absorbers and 1/4" PTC Air fittings.
The installation and proper operation of these is made possible through our super strength lower shock relocators, precision formed from 15mm solid steel plate with a welded in hardened thread insert. These help 'fortify' the axle end castings and allow the weight to be spread through proper weight-bearing points, whist also locating the air shock in the correct position.

The AirSistive Rear kit is designed to be used in conjunction with torsion bars and dropped/lowered spring plates, and allows you to set the lowest point wherever you like, as you would usually with a 'static' setup. This kit then offers up to 4" of lift from that baseline, working with the spring preload of the torsion bars to allow for lower driving pressures, less stress on chassis components and better ride quality. With our Drop plates, 1 outer spline down from stock height usually gives ample lows and a proper pre-load. This can be further tweaked for more aggressive lows. 

Install and setup can be done in a matter of hours, and is as easy as lowering the back end of your VW normally, just with a few extra parts going back on come reassembly time.

Kit in stock form comes with all you need to Air-Equip your VW rear end. Stock spring plates can be used, but will need notching or modifying to allow for further lows. Our own Drop Plates are a perfect match, and can be added on in the options above. For an even easier fine tuning and setup, select our adjustable drop spring plates. These will allow you to 'dial in' your minimum height a little easier.
Can be used with other brands of drop/Adjustable drop plates between 4-6mm thick.

Providing the system is set up correctly, lift will begin at as low as 20psi. 60psi gives around 2" of lift and is usually a good 'drive height'(that's how i drive my own car with this system fitted), with the maximum of around 4" of lift at around 110 psi to overcome large obstacles/steep driveways if needed. Air capacity of the shocks is relatively small, so air consumption is kept to a minimum. These pressure & lift figures are taken from my own Beetle running this kit, accounting for my heavy ass in the drivers seat!

Handling and ride quality is improved, and the 'wallowy' feeling of a regular lowered swing axle rear end is reduced giving a much more planted feel. 

Kit as standard contains:
Air Sleeve Shocks, lower Relocators, 1/4" PTC air fittings and complete new hardware/Installation kit.

Supplied coated in a smart Satin Black Powdercoat as standard. Any parts added such as spring plates are coated to match.

Please Note: The AirSleeve shocks have a special ‘long reach’ top mount and should clear the body mount section of the inner wing in most instances. However in some cases, a small amount of material may need to be removed from the body to allow the flat top of the sleeve bag to clear without issue. 

 For a full frame-laying independent (no torsion bar assist) Air Suspension setup, see our premium rear kit with specially made cradle kit and high capacity twin-bellow Air bags.

Designed and hand built by us in the UK. 

Installation guide available to view here:
EvaResto AirSistive '60- Rear Air Kit install Guide

Our stock levels are constantly changing - so for an up-to-date lead time please message us beforehand.