Budget Front-only 2-way Complete Management Package 1/4”

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Our budget/Entry level Manual 2-way way Paddle Valve Management kit - for Front Only air ride kits

Our 2-way budget system is designed to operate a front only system with total ease. Either our premium front kit and Zenith shocks, or just airsistive shocks - this kit will operate them sufficiently and safely. 

No Computerised element or display, this system uses manually operated valves and a twin-needle gauge. Raise and drop times are limited by these manual valves (small internal valve size), but overall ride comfort and operation is the best possible. 2-way independent control allows for the safest and best way to run your front-only kit.

For front-end-only kits! 

Although this system will operate a 4-wheel air ride system (like our full Airsistive), it is not recommended to run either axle on only one paddle valve. This will not allow for correct ride levelling and safety if used on any more than a 2x air bag/shock system.

Please see our similar 4-way kit if you are looking to operate a full Airsistive kit. 


  • 12v Genuine Viair Compressor and tank, fitted with check valve, drain cock, pressure sensor, safety valve, 1/4” PTC tap and Relay. Comes with mounting hardware + rubber feet.
  • 1/4” Air Line
  • 1x Dual-Needle Pressure Gauge cluster, with 2x paddle valves pre fitted
  • Electrical fittings + wire required for install behind rear seat
  • Everything needed for installation! Just bolt in, wire up and hook up to your air ride system!