Orders are currently frozen.

Hi all. It’s with some reluctance that we’ve made the decision today to momentarily ‘freeze’ larger website orders. Meaning you can’t buy anything like our Full suspension kits, Adjustable Beams or fabricated parts from us right now.

Already got an order out with us? Don’t worry, your order will likely progress faster now, as we’re not going to get buried under yet more incoming orders.

Why have we done this? Simply because the incoming orders have got a little too much over the last few weeks, and we just cannot keep up and work to any sort of normal lead time, along with the cars and workshop work we have in at the moment also.

It’s absolutely amazing to have so much work entrusted in ourselves by you guys…and for that I’m hugely hugely thankful ❤️. But if we’re to keep up any level of good service, we just have to dedicate what time we have to the outstanding jobs right now.

Regular and smaller orders, for our non designed and fabricated parts all still being taken as normal. Your understanding here is well appreciated! Will post up when full orders are being accepted again. 

Many thanks,