EvaResto Long Travel Ball Joints install Guide



Thank you for purchasing our Long Travel Ball Joints kit. This guide should tell you everything you need to know about fitting these correctly, but if you have any questions or are unsure  of anything, feel free to email or call us and we’ll assist as soon as possible!



These Ball Joints are specifically modified by ourselves to allow for the best lows possible. They are 'directional' and must be fitted in a certain way to work as intended.

Ball Joint replacement on T1 trailing arms isn't the typical driveway job, and ideally needs to be taken out by someone with adequate knowledge of the typical procedure, and access to a 20T workshop press + press tools. 

Install details

Like Standard VW Ball Joints, they must be installed with the Notches lined up with factory markings (90degree to the 'shaft' of the arm if you cannot find the markings) on the trailing arms:

 The only difference with our Long Travel joints over standard joints is that the 'notches' aren't identical. There are two notches on each joint. A round one, and V-shaped notch.

Image shows V-Notches.

The V-Shaped notch must face in the direction of the front of the vehicle for proper operation.

Make sure to prepare and think of this at all times when installing, as joints cannot be removed and re-fitted safely!

Below is an example of fitted joints, showing the V-Notches facing towards the front of the vehicle

 Installing joints is simple, but you must use the right size tubing/press tools to install them easily without risking damage to the collar/edge of the joint.

Ensure arms are prepared correctly for new joints by cleaning off rust and any crud. Try to keep the joints as straight as possible while pressing in at all times and ensure they are driven fully home. 

If struggling, remove the Boots for better access. Ensure these are re-fitted correctly and the grease left in place.


New joints may be a little tight at first, but will soon 'wear in' after some miles have been covered.


As always, drop us a message if you have any problems during fitting and we'll advise.