T1 Beetle/Ghia Eva HQ Long Travel Ball Joints set

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EvaResto T1/Bug & Ghia Long travel ball joints - Full Set.

A necessity when excessively lowering your T1 car, or fitting up air suspension. Long travel joints don’t ‘lock out’ as early as standard joints, allowing more safe suspension travel.

We got tired of the awful quality ‘long travel’ joints peddled by other suppliers, so set about making our own.

These aren’t like any other ‘Long Travel’ joints available on the market. Ours are highest quality Febi/Bilstein Joints specifically modified by us to give a far greater angle than the next best thing. Making for a far higher quality and longer lasting joint coupled with increased suspension drop.


kit consists of 2x upper Ball Joints and 2x lower Ball Joints. Supplied with boots and clips. 

Professional installation must be carried out as normal, but with the ‘V’ shaped cut-out facing towards the front of the vehicle. This allows for proper operation and full travel of the joints.